Wisconsin Investigative Services

A full service investigative agency for attorneys, corporations, insurance firms and private citizens throughout the State of Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Investigative Services, LCC is a full service company. We provide professional investigations with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality to our clients in resolving their issues.


Initial Consultation: No charge

Criminal Cases: $75/hr +  expenses

Includes conference with attorney, review of police documents and evidence collected, photography, sketching and reconstruction of crime scene, witness location and interviews and reports.

Civil cases: $75/hr + expenses

Includes but not limited to skip tracing, locating delinquent debtors, worker’s compensation, insurance fraud, accidents and reconstructions and environmental issues requiring on site reconnaissance.

Public Defender Cases: $20/hr +.51/mile. Per Wisconsin Public Defender guidelines.

Effective January 1, 2017 Wisconsin Investigative Services will no longer accept misdemeanor SPD cases. However, we will consider Felonies and Appeals after initial consultation.

Service of Process:

Racine County:

$40 per service plus .52/mile

Kenosha and Milwaukee Counties

$45 per service plus .52/mile

Wallworth and Waukesha Counties:

$50 per service plus .52/mile

Rock, Jefferson, Washington and Ozaukee Counties:

$65 per service plus .52/mile

All other destinations:

Please call for quotation.

SOP Additional charges: (if necessary after discussions with the Attorney or client)

$35 per Affidavit in support of due diligence for non-service

$25 per database search

There is no 3 attempt limit. Efforts to complete service will continue until it is determined the party cannot be located or at the request of the Attorney or client. Should service not be completed the Service of Process fee will be waived and only mileage and those additional fees tallied during the process will be charged.

Background Investigations:

We do a variety of background investigations that range from tenant screenings to in-depth evaluations of pre-employment applications. Costs and payment schedules vary according the type and depth of investigation. Standard comprehensive reports are $150.00 per report, but we will customize any search to fit your needs.

Private Citizens:

Whatever your needs, we can help. Call for a free confidential consultation.