Wisconsin Investigative Services

A full service investigative agency for attorneys, corporations, insurance firms and private citizens throughout the State of Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Investigative Services, LLC works with attorneys, corporations, insurance companies, businesses, and private citizens.
We tailor our investigations to fit your needs. Whatever your case, Wisconsin Investigative Services, LLC services are here to assist you. We are confidential, accurate and affordable. Please call 262-939-9810 for a free consultation.


Our investigator has extensive experience working within the legal system. He is also well versed in police procedures, processing crime scenes and the proper collection and presentation of evidence. Let his experience work for you in:

  • Process Service
  • Criminal defense
  • Civil litigations
  • Reviewing Police procedures and reports
  • Interviewing Witnesses and collecting statements
  • Recovery and documentation of evidence
  • Crime scene investigation and diagramming


Wisconsin Investigative Services, LLC can conduct all your background investigations and pre-employment screenings. We can also provide additional investigative services in the following areas:

  • Worker’s Compensation claims
  • Fraudulent injury claims
  • Evaluation of on-site accident scenes
  • On site reconnaissance for environmental issues
  • Fact finding file reviews

Insurance Companies

Wisconsin Investigative Services, LLC investigates insurance claims whether home, auto or personal. Our services can:

  • Conduct on-site review to determine validity of a claim
  • Collection and documentation of physical evidence
  • Locate witnesses and obtain statements
  • Obtain medical records and document injuries
  • Determine the cause of the loss or injury

Private Citizens

Wisconsin Investigative Services, LLC can give you peace of mind by providing background checks on:

  • Nannies or babysitters
  • In home health care providers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Your teenage child’s friends

We can also assist your attorney in whatever situation that requires a comprehensive and well-documented investigative report.